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Since 2008, the Patricia Passo School Dance promotes in Spain the University Degree in Ethnic Contemporary Dance, specialization in Oriental Dance. The purpose of this achievement is to make accessible concepts of academic dance to dancers of Ethnic dance, providing a broad theoretical study which is hardly facilitated in regular courses. This way it approaches the universal concepts of dance to dancers in a specific modality, helping to expand the vision of the dance as way of art, opening a more conscious space for debate on the role of Oriental dance in the dance field.

The creation of Affiliates centers is carried out together with the Alicia Alonso University Institute of Dance and Rey Juan Carlos University, which facilitate the interchanges between the education in university institution and dancer of ethnic dance. The project is currently carried out in Spain and Latin America.

These centers are result of a conquest by Patricia Passo after many years training professionals of Oriental Dance, who felt the need of keeping on specializing and continue the OFD method, teaching their knowledge and getting a job opportunity. These centers are supported by a strong group of dance professionals who have the purpose of consolidate the OFD tribe.

In 2015 we announced the first Affiliate Centers to Patricia Passo Dance School. Independent spaces which have their own administration and teachers, but they work from the philosophical premises of teachings what are propagated by School. The responsible teacher will receive training aimed at teaching, receiving tutorials by director Patricia Passo.

In this case, the student that would like to study OFD methodology can choose any of our Affiliated Centers. The goal is to have a unit and technical coherence, but respecting the individuality of each teacher.

Affiliated Centers teachers:

  • Methodology classes
  • OFD pelvic technician
  • Distinct fusions (with anthropological material facilitated by the author of the book “Fusión. El Universo que danza”, Patricia Passo).
  • Repertoire of Choreography from Patricia Passo School.
  • Pelvic conscious (embracing the therapeutic area of Oriental Dance)

In this case, all students from distinct Affiliated Centers will be able to attend our Year Presentation, feeding the interchange between regions and distinct cultures.

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All directors of the Affiliated Centers will receive University Education in Ethnical Dance-Contemporary – Specialization in Oriental Dance

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