International Company of Dance Patricia Passo

logo_100x100The purpose of International Cia. of Dance Patricia Passo is to enable the integration of countries through a single language that connect us. Offering on different place in the world the repertoire of choreographies as technical tool for development of the interpretative art, and like a way to expand the vocabulary and contents that belongs to the Oriental fusion Dance method (OFD)

For many years, the learning process of Oriental Fusion Dance used the repertoire of choreographies created by director Patricia Passo to direct and expand the anthropological knowledge, which is the base of fusion. Through the choreographies played in scene, the student realized the infinite possibilities of the technique, as well as the interpretative unit and complexity of the creative process. Each choreography works technical aspect which has profound knowledge of the movement spirals, inspired by corporal matrixes and daily experiences, characteristics of Oriental Cultures throughout history. All of this with a creative conception and innovative that characterizes the contemporary dances.

Our investigations into the movements and the creative processes are associated to the Ethnic-Contemporary genre. Patricia Passo, dancer with a contemporary education, choreographer and anthropologist dedicated many years to seek for a technique that integrates the masculine and feminine principle, East with West, the ancestral with the present. Believing and spreading through her art the fusion as a philosophical principle of unity quest.

There are countless people who passed through Patricia Passo School developing their artistic and creative skills from these teachings. That’s the reason that many of them are still linked to the school and training with director. Recognizing that this method is alive and it is in constant movement.


With the production of an annual spectacle, the school offers to the professional the possibility of lifelong learning. Different teachers teach the repertoire of choreographies learned over the years and they create a multicultural tribe, located in many places of the world. These scenic compositions have a strong theatrical character that enables a creation and constant re-creation by the interpreter.

Also, the learning process taught by the director is quite peculiar and innovative within the context of ethnic dances, based on emotion transitions, breathing movement and development of the body spirals. The result is a work where the psychophysical unity is latent, and the spectator can feel the bark of the dancer’ soul.

All dancers who are linked to the company, work this way with their students and continuous their learning through tutorials taught by Patricia Passo. In this case, they are linked by a network that moves together in the investigation of integrative, expressive and innovative language.

In case you want to be a part of this tribe and dance with us, for sure we have a teacher near your city to teach the OFD technique. In addition, you may participate in the annuals meetings, the cultural interchange and futures projects. We start from premise that the art is for everyone, and fragments of our repertoire can be offered in popular parties, streets performance, festivals… or where you feel the need to talk through the soul!

Partimos de la premisa del arte para todos, con el cual fragmentos de nuestro repertorio pueden ser ofrecidos en fiestas populares, performances callejeras, festivales… ¡O donde sientas la necesidad de hablar a través del alma!

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