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The Oriental Fusion is the integration of different cultures through the art of dance. We recognize the rich heritage of nomadic peoples, through the ethnic movement, showing a beautiful language based on Arabic, Hindu and Flamenco dances. Retain the essence of each one to show them with rhythms that evoke riches and ancients cultures in same world.

The snake movement and sensual shapes of Arabic dance, the joy, color and expressiveness of India, the strength and passion of Flamenco dance. They complement each other in a magical and natural way to enjoy the senses and inspire the spirit.

The finality of Patricia Passo School methodology is to develop a technique based on ancient movement analyses, and the contribution of tribal influences from several nomad people, who have enriched the Oriental Dance during its development. The school bases its technique in pelvic movement that originates this dance.

Therefore, the movements that compose its vocabulary remain firmly planted on folklore of peoples and oriental tribes, making fusion with the vocabulary of Arabic dance with the elements of Hindus, flamencos, folks…. Making to persist in the time the wealth gestures and complex turns, very characteristics of ancient rituals.

All this study is systematized by Patricia Passo who also works with the concepts of learning from modern and contemporary dance, developing a dance that stylize the movement and studying it as a technique not less complex than any other academic dance.

Patricia Passo, for ten years being a teacher of Alicia Alonso Superior Institute of Dance, unites the principles of western academic dance to the anthropological study of oriental dances, with the support of Rey Juan Carlos University.

Fusion Art- Patricia Passo School is an attachment center of Rey Juan Carlos University.


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Welcome to the space of movement, Self-knowledge and fun

Advanced OFD

Recommended experience: At least 3 years of Oriental Dance and studying the bases of fusion techniques

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Indian OFD

Indian Classical Dance is endowed with a devotional character, bringing the meaning of dance for besides the beauty, esthetic until the spirituality.

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Flamenco Oriental OFD

Flamenco is a hybrid art, although part of gypsy dances evolved in Spain by acquiring elements that provide their own distinct characteristics.

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Gypsy Dances OFD

The nomadism and the way of understanding the life made the gypsy an authentic dancer, innate artist. The expressiveness in gypsy dance.

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Ethnic Contemporary

When the orient meets the occident. Adding in oriental dance technique the academic principles  of contemporary dance. Stylizing the dance through the lines, making them infinite from the center to immediately undo playing with contractions and forms in space. ... read more

Folk and tribal

Genre comprehension of tribal and folklore dances: Commonalities between different tribal dances and evolutions. Oriental tribal dances (Arab and Indian). The rhythm of tribal dances, dance of contretemps. Energetic qualities of hip and belly movements front of the... read more


The basic principles to use correctly the different elements which we usually use in Oriental Dance: Bat, Sabre, candles and finger cymbals. Working the different qualities of movements which characterize each of the elements. Incorporate them into Oriental Fusion... read more

Theater Hindu Dance for children OFD

Children – 4 to 8 year
The Oriental Fusion dance to young children is a playful and educative proposal that develops a creative dance for children based on the mythology of India and theater dance.

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