Dance Therapy

logo_100x100After years teaching the Oriental Fusion Dance, the Patricia Passo School developed its own method of Oriental Dance Therapeutic (ODT).

The dance, since its origins, is an activity psycho physic. The ancient man realized the cathartics effects of corporal practice and he used it as source of communication, creation and undoubtedly to express his deepest feelings. He discovered in his own sensations from the exercise of this activity that the body, mind and spirit have always been united since beginning. The understanding that the body could be used as tool to connect himself; and that the repetition of body activity with the expressive purpose would approach him to his ancestral were evident. So much so, that when we study the creation mythology of ancient civilization we found information of dance as the first manifestation, the principle of life conception.

Over the centuries we have been specializing, specifying, developing our human potentiality and without realizing it, we made several concessions, believing that it would be a development way and overcoming. Today increasingly we seek to approximate the original concepts, curiously it seems we must make an effort to integrate ourselves and go back to be who we have always been.

The goal of Oriental Dance Therapy is to be a tool to go back to yourself. The internal movements, characteristics from this practice, help to stimulate this reunited.

The technique of this ODT method differentiates from others modalities of dance therapeutic, because it is based on in an extensive study of human body, not only from its anatomy but also from its geometric, vitals centers, dimensions, alignments and balances. We believe that the body harmony and the development of body awareness work directly to our wellbeing psycho physic. Therefore, this practice enhances our perceptual ability, our body awareness, our vital force and it allows us to express more and more freedom and truth.


The basic pillars of the ODT method are:

  • Body and energy alignment
  • Study and perception of our body structure
  • Development of body awareness
  • Study of body dimensions and our subtle body
  • Practices of the pelvic and scapular spirals, as well as its connection with the ascending and descending spirals
  • Touches and dynamics manipulation to redirect the obstructions in body channels
  • Relationship between the energy centers of the body and our psychic state
  • Getting in contact and realizing the body patterns acquired.
  • Empowerment of woman and connection with principle of the sacred feminine.

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