University Diploma in Dance Therapy
OFD Specialization

Year 2016/2017


This project of Patricia Passo, the “University Diploma in dance therapy – Specialty OFD (Link Oriental Fusion Dance)” feed on many years of personal deepening in the art of movement and meditation, although the impetus for this creation comes from many anxiety and requests from students and companions along the years of research and dance practice.


Introducing the philosophical principles related to the oriental culture, which aims at the “integration of the man”: body, mind and spirit. Helping the students to experience and investigate these concepts, relating them with the dance and their own body. Providing the participants the control of these practices and knowledge in order to apply this work in their futures students (and themselves), looking for a rescue of the union of female and male principles of being


This course is directed not only to future therapists, but also to people interested in pursuing a broader sense of the dance and the movement itself. People who seek through of the dance, the self-awareness and harmony.


The tool used throughout the course is the Oriental Fusion Dance (link to the OFD) (Patricia Passo Methodology). Due to its immense ancestral anthropological value and for personal travels of Patricia Passo, the base of this diploma, as the name says, is established in Oriental Dance (a broader sense) although it uses techniques from others dances to explore the physical and the expressivity of genuine movement.


  • Theoretical and practical introduction about the principles of Alexander technique.
  • Theoretical and practical introduction to the principles and methodology used in bioenergetics.
  • Theoretical and practical concepts of the Antiginasia Method.
  • Education in the pelvic awareness method worked in “Patricia Passo School”
  • The fundamental principles of Sacred Geography and its application in dance therapy.
  • The basic anatomical principles: body reading as therapeutic tool
  • Breathing: basic aspects, advanced techniques of awareness, as well as its perfect correlation with the movement
  • Presentation of major western authors that talk about philosophy, science and religion compared to the east.
  • The Hinduism: Theoretical introduction.
  • The Hindu pantheon and its application in human psyche.
  • Theoretical introduction about concepts of Oriental Philosophy, India.
  • Power Centers: comparative analysis of human psyche.
  • Introduction to gestures and healings hands: symbolism and application.
  • Introduction and deepening about the yoga for therapeutic purposes.
  • Learning the use of the movement’s language in its playful, sensitive and creative aspect to self-knowledge and healing.
  • Research Methodology


Direction: Patricia Passo
Coordenation: Flávia Santhos


All meetings will be theoretical and practical. They will take place in a working environment both personal and group. In order to have success in learning process is essential to attend classes, as well as an individual preparation to elaborate the projects both theoretical and practical. Throughout all meetings the students will receive the bibliographic notations.

Continue evaluation

Besides the success in the final exam, the students will be evaluated in their participation, as well as their evolution during all course.

Final exam

The conclusion of the course, as well as the obtaining of university diploma includes a presentation and defense of an individual thesis on a subject related to the course and agreed with the direction of the same.


Proper degree

Limited places



Calle Dr. Piga 5. Metro: Lavapiés. Madrid

Jardim Botânico – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Total of duration

150 hours in classroom (10 hours in each weekend per 15 weekends)

Weekend modality

The classes will be realized during 15 meetings in the weekends.

DATES: to be defined


The selection process will be done by evaluation of CV and a letter of motivation that candidates must submit to the direction

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Application form fully completed ( it can be asked to
  • Brief letter of motivation

It is essential to have a personal interview (in person or remotely) with Patricia Passo.


Complete course: to be defined (150 hours in classroom)

Relevant: There is a possibility to do the payment in installments (Order this option)

  • REGISTRATION : to be defined
  • FIRST INSTALLMENT : to be defined
  • SECOND INSTALLMENT: to be defined
  • THIRD INSTALLMENT : to be defined

The students of Patricia Passo School (as well as the old students of University Diploma in Ethnic-Contemporary Dance, Oriental Fusion specialization ) will benefit from 10% of discount on the total cost.

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