Patricia Passo School Dance

logo_100x100After 4 years teaching Oriental Dance in Spain and also the interest of her students to dedicate themselves professionally to the dance, in 2005 Patricia Passo created her own school in center of Madrid.

Pioneer in Fusion scope, Patricia was professor at the Rey Juan Carlos University and Carlos III University of Madrid. Her vision of dance in general, the localization of dance movement with ethnic character in the universal dance history, as well as the exhaustive interest in oriental cultures, made her classes with a different and innovative character. Patricia Passo began a method with broad theoretical content, and simultaneously she prepared her master and doctoral whose central theme was the oriental dances. This way, her students shown interest in becoming a professional following the bases and principles developed in these teachings.

These were the principles of OFD tribe. Believing in the language of ancestral dance, Patricia began to trace a brotherhood project where everyone could work in finding their own market space of dance following this philosophy. Recognizing that the Oriental Dance was configured until these moments in solo work, she concerned to create a team and a dance company where she could develop repertoire of choreographies and keep the basic pillars that made up the Oriental Fusion teachings. The teamwork was a challenge; together we desired to provide to students and spectators something more than a one-off dance experience.

The first space was born in 2005 with three (03) teachers starting the Oriental Fusion Method, all of them committed with the same way of understanding the dance. At 3 years of this experience, the space was small, since there were many people that would like to join to this group and project. We changed to a bigger place where there was space to new companions.

Patricia Passo in her eagerness for investigation and improvement of technique, she dedicated herself to spread the classes into distinct places in Spain and world, always spreading the teamwork that was being realized in Madrid. During these travels she saw her next step, a school in movement; her desire was to disseminate the OFD tribe around the world. The project of University Education implanted by her in 2008 helps this dream to become true. Many people attended to this education in these distinct regions of Spain and world, this way her teachings were propagated besides the wall and buildings.

School is a philosophy, our proposal is to study in depth the oriental culture and finding the similarity and differences, having as purpose the education of individuals more embracing, point that assume a significant relevance nowadays. The idealization of this work in tribe and team remains a challenge. We are in a period of universal history where this idea of communication is seen each time far from our reality, this is the reason that Patricia keeps on feeding this principles.

In 2015 were fulfilled 10 years of Patricia Passo School which was celebrated with a great presentation where the participation of collective has seen clear and powerful. This year this project of nomadic school is seen more palpable, since we are launching a new online education and creating affiliated centers. Anyway Patricia transferred her residence to Latin America, where she began the training course in 2013.

Our challenge is to keep the identity, the method and the fusion philosophy, this motivation leads all professionals who are dedicated to teaching, to receive tutorials from Patricia Passo hands. The school follows its path, always in constant movement. We maintain our headquarters in Center of Madrid where the team does an incredible job of maintenance and propagation of the principles developed in OFD Method.

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