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The enormous cultural and historical value of ethnics dances have fascinated and guided the professional steps of Patricia Passo. Both their academic training and the exercise of your profession in university environment feed the disquietude to search the documentation about ancestral dances, heritage of humanity, indispensable tool of awareness of who we are and where we are. It already causes some indignation to recognize the few registers that we have about this thematic so relevant.

The fact of combining her work as university professor with the teaching and practice of ethnic dances allowed her to realize how the mind and body walked together.

In her year of teaching she observed as the historical contextualization and interdisciplinary discussions were facilitators of the process and technical development of the dance. Believing in a holistic education and integral of being, her classes were characterized by knowledge both theoretical and practical, attitude that had very positive impact on the development of the student, who demonstrated a huge interest in the theoretical material. The information on this subject is however widely disperse, which has been a determining factor to realize the need to create an incentive area for research.

Finally in 2009, Patricia Passo concretized her dream, the Fusion Art Center, artistic and therapeutic space, Patricia Passo School, which transformed in an attachment center to the Rey Juan Carlos University, for the first time was introduced in Spain a proper degree of Oriental Dance at university level. This solo project has been possible by the commitment of Fusion Art center with academic environment, ensuring that for Oriental Dance professional education is required to make theoretical work. In this way the university opened its doors to welcome the student in Ethnic-Contemporary specialization, facilitating the access to its documentary archive.

The theoretical works concluded at the end of the University Diploma were evaluated by university teachers, which encouraged the search for files and records hitherto little known, and the interchange that had as result a vast theoretical material about the oriental dances and related topics. Each student develops during his course a thesis which he will present at the end of the course, a material with huge historical value.

We intend that the way opened by us could facilitate the dancers in future to access this information, and its dissemination in favor of the dance is increasingly deep and full.

Until today this project continues its development, both in university diplomas of Ethnic-contemporary Dance and Therapeutic dance and the Affiliated Centers of OFD studies. This is only possible due to the delivery an exhaustive work by student.

Through this space you can access part of this material. If you would like to be a part of this tribe and be a researcher of oriental dances, please contact us.

“Soon the research work will be available”

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